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Quality, Mission, Vision and Core Values

1.1. Quality Policy
  • All employees of Specialty Roller and Machine, Inc. shall be committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations by providing the highest quality products and services. All processes and procedures required to assure a consistently high level of quality shall be adhered to and documented in accordance with the Specialty Roller and Machine, Inc. Quality System.

1.2. Mission

  • To perpetuate our business by being a leader in the manufacture of custom machined components and polyurethane coated roller industries. We will do this by providing total customer satisfaction, achieved by consistently supplying our customers with products and services that are manufactured to their specifications and that meet or exceed their expectation with respect to quality, delivery and price. We value long term business relationships and strive to satisfy our customers' needs today and in the future.
1.3. Vision
  • To become an industry leader by continuously improving the manufacturing process, containing or reducing production costs and maintaining a dependable, fail-safe quality system.
1.4. Core Values

  • Total commitment to quality and service
  • Have unfaltering customer satisfaction
  • Develop long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers
  • Provide competitive compensation and promote strong employee involvement
  • Invest in our employees future through training and development
  • Keep operations lean and efficient while maintaining a safe work environment
  • Provide a Safe Work Environment
    Maximize Profits by continuous improvement with regards to lead-time reduction, set-up time reduction, inventory reduction and increased inventory turns, reduction in operating expenses via improved production efficiencies and maintaining a high level of quality



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